18 Nov

11 Steps to Productive Ministry Performance Reviews

11 Steps to Productive Ministry Performance Reviews

Leaders in ministry are similar to leaders in the business world in the sense that evaluating employees is necessary toward meeting goals and fulfilling the church’s vision. But because the nature of church relationships can be very personal, friendly and compassionate, sometimes the performance reviews that supervisors conduct lack the objective honesty necessary for them to be productive.

Chuck Olson of Lead With Your Life identifies 11 objectives managers should have when conducting performance reviews:

  • Check your motives.
  • Think about stewardship.
  • Write everything down.
  • Emphasize affirmation.
  • Be honest.
  • Invite input.
  • Prioritize self-evaluation.
  • Establish benchmarks.
  • Keep a tight focus.
  • Stay current.
  • Look for patterns.

To read a full explanation of all of these points, check out the source.


Monday Morning Insight: Conducting a Responsible Ministry Job Review

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