25 Nov

6 ways to burn belly fat


Any body ever told you losing weight is easy has probably never tried losing weight or maybe he’s trying to sell you a cheesy product one way or the other. The truth is that losing weight whether by dieting, exercising, surgery and even supplement is a gradual process and requires time, comittment and consistency.

There is nothing wrong in being plump as long as one is comfortable with it. However, if your body mass index indicates you are obese then it may predispose you to some medical condition like infertility, heart disease, diabetes etc then its time for you to lose weight.

Lets get down to business of the day. Almost every day of the week I get questions and emails from my subscribers asking me to give them a step by step plan they can use yo lose weight. The steps that has worked for others and can work for you if adhered to strictly includes:

1. HAVE A PLAN: like almost everything in life, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. If you will ever burn that belly fat then you must have a mapped out plan. Design the process in such away as to fit into your routine activities. Almost 100% of people who use a brutal unrealistic plan to lose weight such as stooling, starvation, extreme exercise etc always gain weight back. This is because it does not fit into any healthy plan. Include in your plan a PRODUCT THAT HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT. Check out this product here.

2. WEIGHT LOSS IS A JOURNEY NOT AN EVENT: While most weight loss products promise unbelievable losses in 3-days and in a week. To feed into our desperation we advocate for a gradual process in losing weight. Research has shown that losing weight drastically can further compromise your health. It is best to condition your mind and take it step by step. Be committed and consistent to each step.

3. ADOPT A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE: In your quest to lose weight, life style modification is key. It is an important way of burning belling fat fast. It is best to eat healthy small meal than to eat one heavy meal. Eat balanced diet, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables frequently. Stop eating late night night(this deprives you of adequate sleep).

4. BE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT:there is nothing that is impossible. Possibilities are product of the mind. If you can conceive it then its possible. Have a positive attitude about losing weight and believe that you can do it. The desire to get where you want to be should be enough motivation. When you think about how much you would want to have a beach body then you have to keep pushing on and get that fat diminisher.

5. EXERCISE 3-5 TIMES IN A WEEK: make sure you exercise at least 3 times in a week. You can register at a gym and use their equipments to work out. This might not be possible for people that have a full time job and those that are always busy. What you can do is to exercise at home by following a work out tutorial which you can get here.  You have to combine different forms of cardio and high intensity interval of training such as squats , side bends, jumping jacks, running etc this will help you burn belly fat and lose general body weight.

6. START NOW: many dreams has been shattered because of procrastination. Maintain that desire to lose weight and match it with actions. Don’t wait till tomorrow, don’t wait till after Christmas, don’t wait till you stop all bad habit, don’t wait till you have more money. Each time you wait you prolong your duration of reaching your goals. Get this product to help you burn your belly fat.